Colin Kaepernick Muscle Supplements, Workout Plan, and Diet Routine That Got Him Shredded Fast!

colin kaepernick supplementsGood ole Colin Kaepernick has managed to do a few things that have gotten him more spotlight than his actual skills as a quarterback. More recently we’ve been preoccupied with the 49’ers player’s protest of the national anthem at the beginning of last season. It’s understandable that Kaepernick’s physical condition fell out of the news almost as fast as the guy dropped loads of muscle mass and weight.

Professional trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists say it’s “nearly impossible for professional athletes to maintain and increase body weight and muscle mass on a strict vegan diet, because protein is critical ingredient in developing and maintaining muscle mass and animal products are the primary sources of protein.” Kaepernick confirmed he went vegan in late 2015 or early 2016, but the quarterback claims that no, he hasn’t lost any muscle mass. Funny guy. Scales don’t lie.

Colin Kaepernick Supplements

49ers coach Chip Kelly made a statement about Kaepernick’s condition at the beginning of the season, saying that quite obviously the quarterback had lost weight. But no, it wasn’t because of his diet. “No, he’s not and obviously you understand that because he did have three surgeries, so he’s limited in the type of lifting he does. So, he’s not the same size he was when he played. I don’t know the exact playing weight he was at, because I wasn’t here before. But, he’ll be the first to tell you that, that’s he’s not where he was before.” With All That Being said Colin’s trainer recommended that he try and innovative new muscle stack that was recently released to help him had muscle extremely fast. The Colin Kaepernick Supplements really did the job and helped the QB get back on the field quick.

What Does the 49’ers Quarterback Eat?

Kaepernick is planning on bulking up. And he plans to do this by shoveling lots, and lots, and lots of food into his mouth. There just isn’t a lot of an idea of what it is he plans on eating a lot of.

“I have a very clean diet and I cannot afford to miss my routine if I want to keep my performances. I have only one day of cheating where I let my recover from all the hard working and restrictive diet. This doesn’t mean that I eat all the junk food or sugar in the world, but at least I allowed to eat my favorite foods in reasonable portions,” he said, indicating his diet might not just be plants. Maybe.

Sponsored by MusclePharm, Kaepernick puts the company to good use. He uses:

  • MusclePharm Protein Powder (for building muscles)
  • MusclePharm Amino 1 (for hydration/recovery)
  • MusclePharm Assault (pre-workout supplement)

In the Gym- Colin Kaepernick Workout

There’s no doubt that Kaepernick is a star in the rough within the ranks of the 49’ers. There’s also no doubt he’s working to get his body back in shape to take his (Rightful?) place at the helm of the team.

Kaepernick’s workout is based on strength and stamina. He trains six days a week for four or five hours a day, and even finds time to bond with his inner yogi. By taking the time to stretch, increase his flexibility and hone his balance, Kaepernick proves yoga is in all reality pretty useful as a training technique.

Naturally he’s got talent, but he doesn’t ride on the success of his genetic skill alone. He’s one of the hardest working players in the NFL.

According to Kaepernick’s trainer Ryan Capretta, here are the goals of Colin’s workout:

  1. Top Goal: Improving Colin Kaepernick as an NFL Quarterback.
  2. Prepare Kaepernick to be better than the rest of the competition.
  3. Maximizing athletic potential with a mix of field work and bands/weights.
  4. Strengthen his body to prevent injury during the grueling NFL season.
  5. Continue to add strength and muscle without sacrificing agility or speed.